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Structured Products and Funding

Collateralized Put Vault

European Style put options at 10-20 Delta. Collect premium and achieve up to 35% annualized rate of return.

Call Vault

European Style call options, 10 delta. Generating up to 30% annualized rate of return. Staked ETH Covered Call Vault. Stake ETH and sell 10 delta European Call options. Generating variable rate of return of 14% to 34%.

Short Duration Yield Fund (SDYF/USYC)

U.S. T-Bills and perform repo / reverse repo. This product mimics the return of short-term U.S Treasury instruments.


Collateralized financing solutions tailored to counterparty needs, secured by digital assets or fiat holdings. This enables borrowers to access funds while safeguarding their assets.


Altcoin Downside Protection Vaults; DAO Price Protection Vaults, Miner Price Protection Vaults and more. Multiple bespoke products available upon request.


The above vaults are distributed through partnership with Hashnote, a financial technology firm, registered in Cayman Islands, Hashnote international is a registered fund manager regulated by CIMA.
Products presented do not constitute a solicitation or invitation and may not be suitable for all users or available in every jurisdiction.



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