Ready to TRADE?

Digital asset spot liquidity

Over 50 Digital Assets, multiple FX pairs, single asset or basket execution.

Multiple order types: Market, Limit, Steady Pace, Stop Limit and others.

We offer access to our liquidity via:

Automated chat quote and execution

Get a quote via Voice through our dedicated trading chat.

Trade electronically through Telegram commands.


Access our web-based electronic platform with ease and simplicity. You can enjoy subaccount features that offer various permissions such as admin, trader, or viewer rights.

With our tailored user interface, you can chart with TradingView, place orders, or utilize our Request-For-Quote.


The WebSocket API is a powerful tool that enables real-time applications to be built directly within your browser.

Additionally, the FIX protocol is an internationally recognized standard for electronic trading that facilitates seamless connections and trading between institutions. Multiple order types: limit, market, steady pace & stop limit.


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