Ondo Finance announces strategic partnership with Nonco

Ondo Finance is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Nonco to bolster and deepen liquidity across chains for Ondo’s interest-bearing stablecoin alternative, $USDY.

$USDY turns the zero-interest rate stablecoin environment on its head. It is the world’s first tokenized note, delivering first-rate dollar-denominated yield directly to holders.

Nonco prides itself in its nonconformity, and while everybody chases high leverage and high risk, Ondo raced to provide equitable and institutional-grade financial products onchain. $USDY delivers yield directly to token holders and allows even traditional and more risk-averse investors to build portfolios onchain.

Creating liquid and efficient markets is one large step in bringing dollar-denominated yield to more investors and steadily but surely housing an increasing number of assets onchain. Nonco joins Ondo to optimize liquidity for $USDY on Ethereum, Solana, and Mantle.

Ondo’s focus will always include building our network of world-class liquidity partners. These partners are indispensable to our mission of tokenizing the world, and Nonco’s liquidity services optimize the journey in and out of $USDY ownership.

Justin Schmidt, President at Ondo Finance, stated, “Nonco is a major up-and-coming liquidity provider run by industry veterans. I am excited to work with a partner who shares our commitment to institutional-grade client service.”

Nonco closed a $10 million seed round late last year and has been committed to driving forward the adoption of digital assets through liquidity provisioning, ensuring anybody operating onchain has a smooth trading experience.

Fernando Martinez, CEO of Nonco, expressed, “We are thrilled to support Ondo’s interest-bearing stablecoin, $USDY— the world’s first of its kind. Our commitment echoes Ondo’s, and we’re excited to contribute to their mission of tokenizing the world.”

There has never been a better time to bridge liquidity and assets from the old system into the new.

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