2023: A Year of Innovation, Expansion, and Ambitious Goals

In 2023, our journey began by creating Nonco. We accomplished US $7 billion in traded volume and raised US $10 million in a seed round.

In 2023, a team of nonconformists emerged, starting a journey that’s redefining the landscape of digital asset trading. Our year began with a bold strategic move—spinning off and creating Nonco—an act that not only marked the birth of our adventure but also laid the foundation for an ambitious, nonconformist expedition. As part of last year’s accomplishments, we’re proud to share that we achieved US $7 billion in traded volume, proof of our commitment to nonconformism.

Crafting a Vision and Brand Identity:

With a crystal-clear understanding of who we are and what we stand for, we designed our brand, setting the stage for the remarkable journey that lays ahead. The launch of our website helped us provide an accessible platform so future and current counterparts can engage with us and with our brand. 

Innovative Product Offering:

We designed cutting-edge trading platforms with innovation in mind: automated chat quote and execution, web based GUI, FIX/WSS/REST APIs and advanced automation in voice-trading. We proudly developed 37 in-house applications and microservices, enhancing our operational efficiency. Additionally we have integrations with over 15 third-party software and service providers, further solidifying our position as innovators in the space. 

We currently offer four products—Spot OTC Liquidity, Derivatives, Structured Products, and Funding—provide diverse settlement options, such as bilateral agreements, clearing solutions, or smart contracts, enabling effective risk management.

With over 100 coins listed we provide a diverse range of digital assets for counterparts to explore and engage with.  

Resilient Infrastructure and Risk Management:

To strengthen our operations, we built resilient infrastructures for Risk, Onboarding, Trading, and Compliance. Automated reconciliation systems and 24-hour risk monitoring helped us achieve our commitment to promote a secure and efficient trading environment.

Global Expansion and Diversification:

As part of our strategic expansion, we acquired a BVI crypto OTC firm and pursued a VASP license. We applied for an MSB & FINTRAC registration in US and Canada, opened operations in Brazil and onboarded over 160+ counterparts across various regions spanning from the United States to Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Argentina.

Our diversified portfolio, strategically balanced at 55% stables, 25% alts, and 20% legacy coins, reflects a nuanced approach to market dynamics. The introduction of options trading and structured products further expanded our product offering.

Successful Capital Raise and Humble Reflection:

We secured a successful seed round, raising an impressive US $10 million with top-notch investors, validating our vision and potential. The support received has been instrumental in propelling us toward our ambitious goals. As a team, we’ve experienced significant growth and learning, and with high expectations for 2024, we express humility and gratitude for our journey so far.

Looking Forward:

In the coming years, we aim to strengthen our partnerships and continue building a nonconformist digital asset brokerage firm. The journey continues, and we remain committed to innovation, excellence, and reshaping the future of digital asset trading.

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